Anna Grillo - Kinesiologist, Emotional Intelligence Coach

I was grieving, floating through life & totally dis-connected to what I call “Source”. Although I’m a very open minded & spiritual person, I just wasn’t drawn to all these other avenues of help. I had become de-sensitised to it all, that is, until Anna.
She has this energy about her that is just ‘Real & Pure’.
All my passing thoughts, emotions, lost & forgotten joys & dreams that had been suppressed due to stress, motherhood, and dysfunctional relationships, surfaced in Anna’s presence.
If I had to describe what she does, I’d say it’s a reconnection to your Soul. I remember driving home & crying at the liberation I felt – a warm light coming out of my many cracks and I just felt this peace and certainty knowing that all would be okay. It was an un-shakable faith in me that had come back.
I will be forever thankful to Anna for re-awakening my soul and I look forward to her future guidance I can’t wait until my children see her as well.
I highly recommend her to everyone …

I decided to study kinesiology as I was looking at ways to help people achieve goals and alleviate their stresses.  Having worked in the Human Resources field for over ten years in a corporate managerial role,  this experience allowed me to see the many ways that stress affects people, though it was difficult to truly help them on an individual basis when ultimately whatever solution was put in place had to benefit the organisation.

I also saw how people reacted to stress and the struggle to implement a work/life balance that suited them,

which was something I myself had difficulty in doing.  Attending an Aromatic Kinesiology workshop years before, I always knew kinesiology would be a modality I would use and people would find of great benefit.  It took the difficulty in conceiving our first child for me to make the decision I couldn’t continue doing what I was doing, and decided then was the perfect time to follow my heart.  I quit my job, enrolled in the Holistic Kinesiology course… and fell pregnant 2 months later!

My ultimate aim is to inspire, educate and empower women to reclaim their true self.

There are so many factors that have contributed to allowing ourselves to deviate from our true course.  That could due to being at a biological mismatch to our environment, being influenced by other people or not listening to our inner voice and heart space.


I love anything to do with energetic medicine, nutrition, and applying evolutionary principles to overall health, parenting and well-being.  I think outside the square, am not governed by “conventional wisdom”,

and am able to provide my clients with very practical and simple solutions to implement into their everyday lives that allow for maximum results.

I especially enjoy helping clients manage their stress (be it physical, emotional or energetic in nature), find and follow their true passions, and helping those who are unable to identify what it actually is that makes them feel ‘out of sorts’, as though they are searching for something more to their lives.

I am also a mother to 2 gorgeous children and have an awesome tradie as my husband.  I hold the following qualifications:

Diploma (Kinesiology)
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Accredited Practitioner
Twenty8 Health & Lifestyle Educator

I look forward to helping you connect with your true self!

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