The lesson in self discipline…

I've always loved writing. I remember writing stories when I was a little girl, perfect for someone who likes to live in her head most of the time.  Then, as school progressed, writing became something [...]

Why I do what I do…

I've always been a listener. I'm interested in people's stories and I admit, being an INFJ (Myers Briggs profile) as well as being an introvert, it suits me as well. I don't like a lot [...]

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Slowing down…

This time of year always seems to bring about a lot of stress and overwhelm.  Kids eager for Christmas speed this along by asking about how long it is until they can start opening up [...]

How to reduce emotional stress in minutes

How to Reduce Your Emotional Stress I wanted to share with you a great technique called Emotional Stress Release which helps you to reduce and manage your emotions response to stressful situations. I put it [...]