The essence of wellness…

I can't remember where I first came across essential oils, but I certainly can remember my very first experience with them. I had always been fascinated with them.  One day, early in my corporate HR career, I really needed a massage.  We had recently been given a business card from a friend who mentioned someone [...]

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Slowing down…

This time of year always seems to bring about a lot of stress and overwhelm.  Kids eager for Christmas speed this along by asking about how long it is until they can start opening up their presents. Deadlines need to be met, items crossed off various lists, and potentially dreading the festivities when we may [...]

How to reduce emotional stress in minutes

How to Reduce Your Emotional Stress I wanted to share with you a great technique called Emotional Stress Release which helps you to reduce and manage your emotions response to stressful situations. I put it together in video format to explain how it is done and also the different ways to use it.  I hope [...]