Reconnect with your true self

What does it mean to reconnect with your true self? when you remember what it was like to be free and have fun. when you were younger and you imagined all that the world could offer and how your life could be outside and fancy free before societal expectations took over before you were told [...]

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Who are you trying to impress?

Who exactly are you trying to impress?   Who is the person, or what situation are you ultimately trying to prove your worthiness too? When you fight and put your all into something. When your thoughts are fantastically of what your best version you know you can be, who is it that you're trying to show [...]

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The three lessons I learnt when I decided to slow down…

With the new year around the corner, it naturally becomes a time of reflection. We often want to forward plan and think about the kind of person we want to be in the year ahead. What goals we want to achieve. What milestones are ahead of us.   Looking back we can often get caught [...]

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In times of despair…

Everything appears to happen in cycles.  Births, deaths, marriages.  There seems to be an influx of stories the past few days where tragedy is the common themes. Life just seems to suck and it's hard not to feel despair.   This is the time to be thankful and grateful for what you do have. From [...]

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