My experience in kinesiology, health and wellness education, emotional intelligence, intuitive parenting, inspired leadership, business strategy, and personality psychology allows me to work with a range of people, in particular those who are:

  • in a state of transition – either in their career, impending motherhood, family dynamics, relationship breakup or working through grief and loss
  • ready to change and be responsible for their actions going forward
  • looking to get more in touch with their intuition and inner knowledge
  • wanting to create a parent-child relationship built on connection, trust and respect
  • ready to gain a deeper understanding and control of their health conditions
  • take a preventative approach to wellness for themselves and their family
  • ready to truly integrate and understand who they are in mind, body and spirit
  • interested in starting or progressing their own business – side hustle included!

Each session is unique with a variety of techniques used, such as counselling and mentoring, personality psychology analysis, and kinesiology strategies to remove blocks and self empower you to create the change you are after. As always, please feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about your personal circumstances.


In our session together, we get to really uncover who you are under all the labels, expectations, and demands of your life.

I specialise in helping you to reconnect with your innate instincts and intuition, and use the latest in neuroscience in order to harness your highest potential. I facilitate clearing of subconscious belief systems and brain integration techniques, looking overall at body structure, biochemistry, emotional and any energetic patterns that may be causing an imbalance, and can work in with other practitioners as required.

We will delve deep into emotional intelligence patterns, personality psychology tendencies, and break down any subconscious patterns that express themselves negatively in your life.

Truly ready to engage and connect within, after our session you will gain a sense of calmness and be set on the right path that will get you started on living the life you are ready to create.

Kinesiology & Well-being Mentorship sessions are available via on-line using the free platform Zoom (I will send you the scheduling link and you will need to download the free app to access at our set time).

Initial sessions will run for 1.5 hours at $150. The cost of each session is inclusive of any flower essence (20ml) or essential oil (10ml) support to assist in between sessions (please note delivery fees will apply if part of an on-line consult). Mindful practices such as meditation and an introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is also provided for you to continue on your journey between session.

60 minute continuation sessions are available at $120.


Flower Essence Consultation / Energetic Re-balance sessions

These are email based consultations where you complete a questionnaire and from that I will prepare a Flower Essence blend for you. These are done via email so are a time-effective way to work with me and to receive the emotional and energetic support and clearing as needed.

Please note when you book with me, you are booking in the time for me to prepare the Flower Essences and Energetic Re-balance session – you do not need to be available at that time. I will let you know any follow up connection as required.

You can choose from the following packages:

Flower Essence Consultation only – intro price is $25 plus delivery fees.

Flower Essence + Energetic Re-balance where I incorporate intuitive energetic clearing and kinesiology strategies and will send you details via email – intro price is $75 plus delivery fees.


Wellness Education

Do you want to learn more about the importance of living a chemical free lifestyle?  Interested in implementing changes in your personal care products or knowing more about essential oils?

As a qualified Twenty8 Health & Lifestyle Educator, I can help you understand the importance of self-care in all practices in your life, as well as incorporating chemical and toxin free alternatives to your personal care products. The Twenty8 range I use has been created by the wonderful aromatherapist and self-love mentor, Kim Morrison.

20 minute on-line consult using Zoom – free!



Corporate Well-being Packages

I am providing Business & Well-being Consultancy services. Please connect with me to find out more and how I can support you and your team.