Working with Me

My experience in kinesiology, health and wellness education, emotional intelligence, inspired leadership, business strategy, personality psychology, and intuitive parenting allows me to work with a range of people, in particular those who are:

  • in a state of transition – either in their career, impending motherhood, family dynamics, relationship breakup or working through grief and loss
  • interested in starting or progressing their own business – side hustle included!
  • ready to change and be responsible for their actions going forward
  • looking to get more in touch with their intuition and inner knowledge
  • wanting to create a parent-child relationship built on connect, trust and respect
  • ready to gain a deeper understanding and control of their health conditions
  • take a preventative approach to wellness for themselves and their family
  • ready to truly integrate and understand who they are in mind, body and spirit.

Each session is unique with a variety of techniques used, such as coaching and counselling, personality psychology and kinesiology to remove blocks and self empower you to create the change you are after.

Session Information

True Self Integration

In our session together, we get to really uncover who you are under all the labels, expectations, and demands of your life.

We will delve deep into emotional intelligence patterns, personality psychology tendencies, and break down any subconscious patterns that express themselves negatively in your life.

Truly ready to engage and connect within, after our session you will gain a sense of calmness and be set on the right path that will get you started on living the life you are ready to create.

Available over Skype or In-person

90 minutes – $127

60 minutes – $97


Business Personality Profile

Do you have a well balanced business?

As an entrepreneur, so much of our own personality, image, and self-belief is tied up into our business.  So what makes us unique may also be what holds us back!

Complete a questionnaire prior to the session, including and overview of your business structure and the top 3 issues you are currently facing. Together in our session we will discuss the areas where the imbalances are held, strategies to support these, plus clear out any subconscious patterns that may be holding you back.

Let’s bring much needed balance to your life and biz!

Available over Skype or In-person

90 mins – $197

Workshops available at your place of business also. Please enquire for a customised package.


Wellness Education

Do you want to learn more about living a chemical free lifestyle?

Interested in implementing changes in your beauty regime?

Interested in knowing more about essential oils?

As a Twenty8 Health & Lifestyle Educator, I can help you understand the importance of self-care in all practices in your life.

20 minute Skype consult – free.



Mindfulness anchors

Beautifully designed Hanging Crystal pieces.  These beautiful ornaments can be used for decorative purposes if you wish, but you can also anchor in an intention too. Comes with a free intention setting course.

Shop here or get in touch for a custom-made design.


hanging crystal pieces




Long term success packages

Please get in touch to discuss long term packages available.