This time of year always seems to bring about a lot of stress and overwhelm.  Kids eager for Christmas speed this along by asking about how long it is until they can start opening up their presents. Deadlines need to be met, items crossed off various lists, and potentially dreading the festivities when we may be forced to spend time with people we normally tend to avoid throughout the year.

Don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle.  Remind yourself what are the kinds of values or rituals do you want to have your family remember? The stress and running around worrying about what everyone else needs, or should you focus in on the type of experiences and memories you would like to create?

Sit and take a deep breath.  Right now, all that matters is the present moment.  Nothing needs to happen, except connecting to slowing your breathing and evoking what a perfect Christams day looks for you.  With this in mind, reframing what the remaining few days in the lead up can help change this stressful time into potentially a joyful one.

Try and tap into the excitement you see on your kids faces, whether it’s Santa or presents, and the relaxation they are experiencing now that school is over.
It’s your choice in how your respond to your external stressors.  Each moment you feel yourself pulling into the overwhelm, stop and take a moment for a few deep breaths and connect to what is happening now.