I’ve always been a listener. I’m interested in people’s stories and I admit, being an INFJ (Myers Briggs profile) as well as being an introvert, it suits me as well. I don’t like a lot of attention so being able to deflect questions about myself and concentrate on what people are saying is easy for me. I am able to pick up the nuances, the deeper meanings and context hidden in the superficial. As much as I’d love to delve deeper and help them pick this apart, I can’t be the counsellor in every conversation in my life!

And while I hate the word, I am busy. I home educate my two kids (6&3 at time of writing), help my husband run his two businesses, as well as attempt to run my own. I say attempt. I have so many ideas and inner knowledge, and wish I had the time to dive in and focus on this full time. Alas, I must bide my time… One of the biggest lessons I’ve had to learn is that there is plenty of time. I don’t need to do or have it all right now. I’m young with plenty of years ahead of me (that’s the plan in any case!). Rather than rushing through life, slow down, be present, and actually enjoy the process. I’m doing better, but it’s a constant battle.

I gave up a successful corporate career because I was exhausted and stressed, pushing to find something externally when I needed to trust what was within. The only thing that made me finally stop and listen was the struggle to fall pregnant. My body eventually had to resort to screaming at me to listen. Whilst I enjoyed my job, this was not what I wanted. I had to break through the fear, the self imposed limits, the ‘should be’ self talk to take the step away and decide to study kinesiology – my big dream.

And let me tell you. The moment I made that decision, and spoke it out loud, the shackles fell off and I was finally free. I cannot explain just how amazing if felt for the weight around my shoulders I never even realised I was carrying just instantly disappeared. Relief thuddered through me, and I finally felt joy and contentment for the first time in a long while.

Fast forward a few years later, a Diploma in Kinesiology under my belt and two kids later, I again faced my next challenge. Why am I sending my first born child away, when all I have learnt about childhood development and my instincts were telling me she was best to continue learning at home with me? So instead of sending her to kinder, I decided to learn more about what home schooling was about. Finding an amazing group of families locally was another one of those moments. All the stars aligned and we cemented our decision to home educate our children and never looked back.

Why am I sharing this? Because I know how hard it is to have ideas, thoughts or ‘flights of fancy’ that are against the norm. To follow dreams or scenarios that are not common, that make people look askance, and change the subject back to something neutral so they don’t need to think about how our lifestyle suddenly challenges them. I’m sure anyone who has done something as simple as follow a wholefood lifestyle can attest to this!

Finding your tribe is key – whether it’s online if you can’t get it in person – but your mindset and determination to follow your own path is paramount. When you’re able to move away from mind numbing distractions, find your courage and take the steps to do something new, let me tell you, you won’t look back. In fact, you can’t. 

I’m here to cheer you on, support you, love and nurture you during this process. It won’t be smooth, it definitely won’t be easy, but will be so worth it. And I’m here to tell you, #yougotthis xx