I can’t remember where I first came across essential oils, but I certainly can remember my very first experience with them. I had always been fascinated with them.  One day, early in my corporate HR career, I really needed a massage.  We had recently been given a business card from a friend who mentioned someone they knew was a massage therapist and an aromatherapist.  I called my mum from work and asked if she could make an appointment for me as if it was up to me I’d forget and remember only in the middle of the night to do it the next day, and the cycle would repeat itself.

She returned my call saying she had booked it, but the lady mentioned she didn’t just to massage and if I’d be okay with that.  ‘Yeah, sounds good’ I would have answered hurriedly.

I remember arriving for my appointment and meeting the beautiful woman named Isolina – someone who I fondly refer to as my fairy godmother.  I can’t remember what was said, but upon sitting on the couch in her clinic room, I just felt at home.  As though I had finally arrived at the destination that my soul had been searching for over the past 21 years.

It was her that that introduced me to the beautiful world of essential oils – and also Kinesiology. She had a flyer for a workshop called Aromatic Kinesiolgy.  I signed up, and yet again, felt completely at home and ease under the guidance of the wonderful Robbi Zeck.  I knew that one day, I would study Kinesiology and I would be doing this in my future.  I assumed that it would be after I had kids, but little did I know that the Universe had other plans …

My love affair with essential oils continued, and a few years ago I was able to continue my studies and really delve deeper into the subject with the divine Kim Morrison from Twenty8.  Again, it’s funny how things work out.  My husband and I attended the Wellness Summit together.  I originally intended to find out more about Cyndi O’Meara’s nutrition course, but when Kim took the stage and spoke about her Health & Lifestyle Educator program, something inside me lit up and said This is what you’re here for.  As she walked off stage, I was thanking God that Simon was there with me – I could only imagine what he’d say if I had returned home and spoken about (another) course I wanted to do!  But hearing from Kim herself, he turned to me and said ‘you’re doing that course’.  The stars aligned indeed!  

Going through the course, it was a beautiful experience.  For me, it was almost as though I just needed to remember the information I was reading, rather than learning something new about it.  It’s difficult to describe.  I use them every single day for (mainly) my own mental, physical and emotional well being, and also for my family and friends.  Being the knowledge junkie that I am, I can probably see myself choosing to study it further.

The essence of wellness is something that I came up with that I truly believe describe the incredible power these oils have.  For me, wellness is about all those steps we take to keep us in that preventative health mode.  Lifestyle factors largely determine our health and wellness.  Choosing to eat healthy, organic food, managing stressful moments, reducing and eliminating where possible chemical and toxins through personal care products and cleaning products… The aim is to accumulate more positive than negative credits per day, and essential oils are a beautiful and easy way to support and incorporate wellness into our every day lives.

I’ll post in future articles around the specific benefits – such as their ability to cross the blood brain barrier, how they can elicit emotional change within 4 seconds of inhaling their scent – but just know that they are so much more than pretty smelly things!  I sit here typing this blog after completing the beautiful body boost ritual where I combined the essential oils Fragonia, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang with jojoba oil and a few sprays of magnesium. I was pondering what message I wanted to impart on the fourth day of my writing challenge – and I thought how about what I’m doing right at that very moment!

Do you use yessential oils?  Let me know what your favourites are!