As a mother, one of the topics that tend to crop up amongst my friends, family, and clients are their frustrations about their child’s eating habits.  We all want to feed them beautiful, nourishing foods, and spend a lot of time, money and effort in preparing them.  To have a child flat out refuse is heart crushing and can leave us feeling frustrated and rejected.  We only want the best for our kids!

Though I’m always interested in knowing more – what is considered ‘normal’ fussy eating?  That is, what is developmentally appropriate fussiness, and what are signs that it could be a symptom of another cause?

Today, I speak with Heidi Hosking from The Healthy Caterpillar.  She is a Speech Pathologist and Health Coach who specialises in helping parents navigate the wonderful world of fussy eating and identifying potential sensitivities in their children.

She has a wealth of experience both professionally and personally and I look forward to sharing her insights and wisdom with you all.

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