What does it mean to reconnect with your true self?

when you remember what it was like to be free and have fun.

when you were younger and you imagined all that the world could offer and how your life could be

outside and fancy free

before societal expectations took over

before you were told how to look or behave

before you became who you are today

the decisions you thought you had to make

the despair and misery that sits and resides within

the shame, embarrassment and anger that simmers and rages

the depths, deep and dark within, because your power and your passion were restrained

because you couldn’t say what you wanted to say

because you couldn’t do what you wanted to do

because you couldn’t say no

the chaos trying to understand how to navigate the world

before your spark spluttered out.


it is ready to be reignited

slowly, flickering

it is ready to be tended

by you

this isn’t a call for chaos or anarchy

it’s slow and steady

its being ready to do the work

what does that mean?

it means getting real and raw

it’s going to hurt… a lot

it won’t be easy.

but can I tell you?

it will feel so good.



weight lifting







moments of peace and calm

reclaiming of powerful

moments of ‘hey, I got this’

being able to ride the wild waves of life

connection….. deep within….

then spreading that deep connection with others




taking a stand and action



peace and calm

highs and lows – but within a balanced spectrum

this is powerful work

start the journey back to you

and reconnect with your true self.