Flower essences (also known as flower remedies) are a beautiful support to help you work on clearing emotional or energetic thoughts that no longer serve you, by removing blocks and dissolving emotional discord to allow for balance across body mind and spirit.







Bach Flower Remedy chart – treat the root cause.

They are not essential oils, though they do come from the plant kingdom.

Who uses them

They are a wonderful support for adults and children alike, and also used on animals, particularly for horses, cats, and dogs.

How they work

It’s suggested that water retains the memory of the substance dissolved in it, which is similar to the philosophy around homeopathy and how their remedies are made, though they are much sturdier than homeopathics in that they can be taken alongside food and can be used multiple times a day.

All plants will have their own frequency to help any negative experiences be moved into a more positive alignment. I’ll give an example of the flower remedy Oak, from the Bach flower remedy range. The Oak tree supports many other creatures, so a person who resonates with the Oak ‘type’ helps others and shoulders great burdens of work and responsibility. It will struggle to produce leaves no matter how old or decayed it has become, and so the Oak ‘type’ can also break down, feel exhausted or fall ill from overwork, but will still attempt to carry on. Therefore, Oak may come up as a remedy for those who are over worked, over conscientious, feeling despair and exhausted, and will help to bring about flexibility and resistance to stress so they can learn to delegate and begin to use their energies in a more balanced way.

How they are created

There are a few ways that they can be prepared, but usually sun potency is the main form. That is where flowers are picked from the plants and placed into a glass bowl of pure water. The bowl is then left in clear sunshine for a few hours, allowing the ‘life force’ of a plant to be imprinted into the water.

From there, this water is then saved and mixed with alcohol to act as a preservative (brandy or vodka) to form a ‘mother essence’, also known as the stock bottle. It is from this stock bottle that we can make up blends called dosage bottles for people to take for specific instances.

How to use them

These liquid drops can be taken under the tongue, usually morning and night, though they can be taken more frequently as I often suggest adding to your water bottle to take throughout the day. Alcohol is used as a preservative so may have a strong taste when taken straight from the dropper, but you can add the drops into a glass of water or juice to reduce. They can be made without the brandy as a preservative, though they will only have a shelf life of up to 2 weeks.

You can also apply them on your body (on a particular acupressure point – makes EFT/Tapping session super powerful too!), and can be added to a bath or body lotion. I often add to energetic clearing and protection sprays mixed with essential oils and crystals to mist around the aura.

Where can I get a custom blend made for my unique situation?

A personalised blend is a beautiful way to support your wellness journey. They come in 25ml amber glass bottle with dropper and will last for around 3 weeks to assist with issue at hand.







Custom made flower essence blend

If you are interested in trying these beautiful energetic medicines, you can purchase here via shop in Etsy.

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