Working with me

I offer an initial consult to get to know one another, and discover the root cause of the issue you are currently experiencing. They are available for $150 for 75 minutes.

If you’re ready to uplevel, clear the subconscious patterns and programs holding you back, and implement lasting change, then I invite you to make a commitment to dedicate the time over 3 months in doing so, with me as your facilitator.

During this time, you’ll learn to:

– understand the emotional and energetic triggers keeping you in a stress state and how to transform them to live from a state of peace, being confident in your abilities to acknowledge and transform whatever comes up for you.

– deepen your connection with your intuition and gain confidence in speaking and living your truth

– live a life of freedom – take the steps needed to unplug from the matrix and live life on your terms and develop a framework to live in alignment

– understand the inner critic and addiction to stress cycle, and how you can call upon your inner carer and connection strategies in response instead

– transform and uplevel your relationship with yourself and intimate others (partner and children), knowing that any disturbances experienced in your relationships are just opportunities to further clear subconscious programs and climb the spiral of ascension

This is for women who

– are ready to break up with their bullshit stories – jump off the merry go round of paralysis by analysis and learn to climb the spiral of ascension instead

– purpose driven professionals who know there is more to life than the daily grind and want to contribute to upraising the integrity and spirit of the planet

– mothers/women who want to curate more meaningful and loving connection with their children and partner’s, and prioritise a nourishing and nurturing family environment – mind, body, and spirit.

– want to speak their truth with courage, passion and confidence, inspiring those around them and create a ripple effect throughout their community

– are ready to live in true alignment with their highest potential, and prioritise well-being and relationships, knowing they are the fundamentals to successful and abundant living.

Heal Your Addiction to Stress Package:

Have me in your corner for three months, supporting, encouraging, and holding space for you as you travel the path to heal your addiction to stress and reconnect with your true self.

  • 3 x 1:1 75 min sessions – online via zoom (valued at $150 each)
  • 3 x 15 minute phone check in (valued at $150)
  • Exclusive support in between our sessions together (valued over $500 a month) such as:
    : weekly email check-ins
    : self reflection prompts and nourishing and supportive activations
    : meditation and EFT scripts personalised to your situation as required
    : email / message and voice notes support via Telegram or IG or Messenger (Monday – Friday, allowing up to 24 hours per response) during the time we work together
  • Distance Energy Healing & Activations for the duration of the 3 months together (valued at $111 per month)

This is a no fail gig – we celebrate the awareness of any ‘falling off the wagon’, and lovingly get back on again.

Each package is curated to your unique experience. I will lovingly hold space and guide you on your journey up the spiral of ascension, and support you in establishing solid and loving foundations so you are able to hold space for yourself and live life from a state of peace, calm, and ease.

Package is $333 per month x 3 payments. Or pay in full to save – $797.

Send me an email to organise a no obligation discussion to discuss what your unique situation is and how I can best support you. I look forward to supporting you x