Hey there, I’m Anna.

I help people to reconnect with their true selves – connect back in with their instincts and intuition.

Too many times, I see how dis-connected we are from ourselves… so ‘top heavy’ – living in our heads, over analysing and intellectualising every word, scene, or experience.

There is no trust anymore – our instinct and ‘gut feelings’ are ignored – and then we become surprised that we may be experiencing irritable bowel symptoms or lack of emotional resilience.

Our intuition is locked up inside ourselves. Our heart energy is closed off.

We forget that our intuition is the master, the key, to ourselves – to the consciousness of our inner voice that allows our manifestation to become reality.

Instead our brains, the intellect, are leading, when in fact it should be the servant – the last piece to execute and take action by following the path and lead from our instinct and intuition.

We are surviving only… not thriving.

I’ve been there. For most of my life I have been leading from my head. Doing all the things that I “should” be doing. I escaped my corporate job because I was a shadow of myself.

I lost my way as all my years of being in school, getting the job, being told what to do, made me turn my power over to the external – seeking validation and approval from others.

When I finally made the call and step off the ledge, I fell into my heart’s calling for something that was more aligned. It was to study kinesiology, a tool that has been instrumental in helping me work on returning to myself.

Over time this has evolved and I’ve added more modalities to my kit to help and support people to tune inwards, start slowing the fuck down, to just listen…. and reconnect within.

I see myself as a spiritual companion, an intuitive guide who walks along side you during your dark night of the soul…. holding a lantern, supporting you back to your instincts.

You have so got this my dear. I have been before you, and am still on my journey. I know how much it hurts, the avoidance and resistance to just be you.

How the mindset and fears get thrown up “what will they say, what if they’re disappointed, who am I to do this, who do I think I am for stepping outside the norm, what if I’m rejected, no-one will love me, everyone will leave me, insert your self sabotage flavour here”….

How you will do anything to avoid FEELING or taking INTENTIONAL ACTION

by numbing the uncomfortableness, the pain, the panic, the fear, the shame – with the addiction of your choice – alcohol, recreational or prescription drugs, food, chocolate, social media, busy-ness, overworking, escapism, partying, etc.

Anything that brings you away from connecting within, and anything that will provide a short term pleasure hit…. but is never enough as the stress response rises back up, keeping you locked into a fear based reality.

How can you show up for others, when you don’t even show up for yourself?

This work is deep. It’s the breakdown, before the break through. It is about awareness to understanding who you are – your wants, needs, and brilliance. It is a mindful awareness, deeply embodied. It is nurturing and nourishing. It is quiet and introspective. It is setting your lies, drama, habits, excuses and beliefs on fire, while you dance around the flames. It is powerful. It is truth. It is showing the fuck up and doing the work.

I see you, I hear you, and I hold space for you… and if you’re ready, I’m here to support you.


Other bits about me

  • I’ve always home educated my two beautiful children – education, freedom, and creativity are core values to me. We take an eclectic approach and follow child-led interests and I’m deeply inspired by the Charlotte Mason philosophy.

  • I’m happily married to my gorgeous tradie who walks his talk and attempts to keep me accountable – the yang to my yin! We sometimes moonlight as models for his #sidehustle –> www.earndclothing.com.au

  • Shoutout to the mother’s who are stepping up and reclaiming their innate knowledge and power to create positive change and healing within their family, including (but no-where limited to) low/non-toxic alternatives, birth choices, concerns about 5G, fluoride in water, and advocating for informed consent regarding medical procedures and decisions – yes I am referring to the ‘v’ word that cannot be named. Where there is any risk, there must be choice – and the freedom to choose is what I uphold. I am a proud Freedom Keeper and part of the amazing community behind both Vic Freedom Keepers and Freedom Keepers Australia. My work helps to support women as they veer off the conventional wisdom and mainstream consensus road and find their way on the path back to innate intelligence. I am deeply supportive of whatever choice you make – and that is the key word, ensuring you have the choice to do what is best for you and your family without coercion or penalty.

  • My addictions try to save me from myself (from my fear of being seen and not being accepted) with procrastination and avoidance being key players. Awareness of my triggers are my guideposts and every day that I show up and break through, or gently sidestep them,  I discover something new about myself.

  • Born and raised in Melbourne, we heeded the call of my intuition and moved to a small sleepy coastal town in later half of 2019 to heal, rest, recover, create, expand, and ultimately, re-discover ourselves. We finally found our little farm and moved 2022 to the rolling hills of South Gippsland, and currently implementing our self sustainable lifestyle and supporting our local community.

  • Delving deep into my ancestry (Italian heritage for a few generations) and personal her-story is a project that I hope to get started on after our move.

  • My Myers Briggs (MBTI) profile is INFJ – when I discovered this, I finally felt validated (see – external approval!!) about how my intuitive knowing about people, situation or circumstances would always be right, even though I could never ‘prove’ how or why it was. Learning to trust this, lean into, and own it, is a lesson I’m constantly learning. For you Human Design peeps out there – I’m a Generator 1/3.

  • I am obsessed with uncovering how to show up and become the best versions of ourselves without all the programming, subconscious bias, and external influence. #selfawareness is key. I love neuroscience, essential oils, biochemistry, intuition, functional movement, organic food, flower essences, micro biome, meditation, brain waves, chakras, energetic bodies, and so much more than can be listed here, and how they are all inter-connected. My mind more often than not reflects that of the conspiracy guy in front of a wall of interconnecting pieces of info.

  • I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves – it is not something that another person in authority holds over us. Those who study this path are guides and facilitators, but ultimately we assist to help you uncover your innate gifts and connect to the divine wisdom found within. The more I learn, the more I realise how much our emotional and spiritual centres are crying out for soul goodness – and when we allow the time and space for them to be seen and heard, healing can truly begin.