Short Bio –
Anna Grillo is a Transformation & Mindset Coach who unplugged from the matrix to establish a self sustainable lifestyle and location independent business whilst home educating her children. She helps purpose driven women and well-being practitioners to build emotional resilience, stress less, follow their dreams, and find inner peace.
She combines her extensive well-being experience as an EFT Practitioner + Trainer, Kinesiologist, Spiritual Companion and Freedom From Self Sabotage Coach with close to twenty years of corporate human resources, project management, and leadership development.
Anna supports her clients to calm the chaos in their head, deepen their intuition, and drop the fear to follow through living a location independent lifestyle aligned with their soul purpose.

Things my ego want you to know

I hold the following qualifications:

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)

Diploma (Holistic Kinesiology)

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (Level 3)

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique Facilitator + Trainer

Spiritual Companion Practitioner

Freedom From Self Sabotage Coach with Jason Christoff (currently enrolled)

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Accredited Practitioner

Twenty8 Health & Lifestyle Educator


 plus a squillion other personal and business development courses, coaching, workshops, consults that I’ve attended over the years!

You’re an amazing teacher, you explain things so well, so articulate, easy to understand and implement, tapping is definitely something I will add to my spiritual rhythms and embodiment practices (which is something that came up that I needed to get back into so badly, my body and heart is craving it)… Overall, I am feeling energetically aligned right now thank you, love you and love the work you do and I look forward to growing in this capacity as well xxx”