Compassionate Heart Roller

Compassionate Heart
Transformation, healing, connection, instinct, intuition, satisfaction, authenticity, trust, love, settling within, true self.
Meridian: Heart
Empower actions that flow from intuition and congruent with true self
Acupoint: Heart 8
Insight, effortless control, and compassion. Balances the fire within that either burns to bright or not enough.
Grapefruit, Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Geranium, Clary Sage, and Rose.
Crystals: Rose Quartz
Love, compassion, peace, healing, nourishment, comfort, feminine (yin) energy.
Flower Essences: Australian Bush Flower Essences:
Bluebell, Gymea Lily, and Hibbertia
The combination of these essences are to allow you to achieve and fulfil highest potential, find and follow passion in your life, to lead and soar in life, acceptance of self, accessing innate knowledge and move forward rather than continue to seek knowledge, open the heart, sharing, joy.
Access this link to watch a short video explaining how Compassionate Heart was created, some further information regarding the ingredients, along with listening to the Heart Meridian Tuning Fork frequency.
If you have any questions or you are after a custom made blend and meditation, please get in touch or email