TRAINING – Learn Emotional Freedom Technique – Level 1

I’m so excited that you have put yourself forward for this life changing training.
My journey with EFT started 5 years ago. I had already left my corporate job, had chosen to home educate, and was working as a Kinesiologist. I was already half way to achieving my dreams.
But I was overwhelmed. Frustrated. Resentful. I found myself stuck, hyper vigilant in my thoughts and an overactive brain – I was tired, touched out, and didn’t feel seen or heard.
I knew what all the problems were – but I was externalising it all. I could pinpoint and psychoanalyse every person involved (as well as myself!) but no matter how aware I was of the situation, I still couldn’t make the lasting changes needed and would result in falling back into the same old patterns quickly.
My next step was getting over my bull shit story. I worked with an amazing mentor who was an addictions specialist.
My addiction wasn’t sexy – it wasn’t doing lines of coke or smoking joints on the regular, or mixing mean cocktails and dancing on table tops to numb my pain away.
I was so stuck in survival, stress based patterns, reacting to ‘fires’ and ignoring things until they became urgent because I didn’t know how to live in the present moment, to appreciate the loving relationships in my life, to learn to respond, to appreciate a slower paced living, to have reverence for the magnificent soul that I am and step up in my purpose in life.
I was scared, fearful for being my true authentic self.
When my mentor incorporated EFT as she held space for me, I knew how powerful it was going to be, not only for myself, but my clients as well. As a Kinesiologist, we work very closely with the acupuncture system and Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 element law – think meridians and acupoints.
EFT is basically using the same system, but using your fingers to tap lightly on a select few acupressure points, whilst talking about the highly emotional/stressful situations. The aim is to signal to the amygdala to remove the ‘red flags’ that are associated with these memories, so they no longer become highly emotive triggers or events for you. 
Finally there was a solution for the merry go round of paralysis by analysis – when you are constantly stuck in your thoughts but no changes are ever made in the physical realm. By introducing tapping when talking and processing what was coming up for me, I was able to quickly shift perceptions, hone in on what it meant for me, and actually get to the root cause of what was keeping me stuck, and actually see the changes occur.
I could tune into me. My true self. What my soul was really craving – acceptance, belonging, peace, joy, ease…. and love.
I was able to step onto the spiral of ascension instead. As every shift and change allowed me to grow and ‘level up’. I met my Inner Carer, and am now easily able to recognise the signs of when I’m indulging my Inner Critic, and can make the choice to instead tune into what it is I truly need, and meet myself with loving compassion instead.
And the best thing was, I could do this myself. Any time, any where. I didnt have to constantly make appointments with various practitioners and healers in order to feel some form of relief or release. It was the perfect way to support my clients, and friends and family, to empower themselves, and access their own inner healer.
Of course I continued to work with my mentor by completing my own EFT and Spiritual Companioning Practitioner Training, because I wanted to learn everything so I could share and teach it with others!
(With a 1/3 line in Human Design, that means I’m an Investigator Martyr – a deep yearning to learn all that there is in life, and to experience it all in order to know what works, and what doesn’t.)
Free Your Mind is an experience where you will learn the Tapping process in full, as well as the role of the subconscious mind, how stress affects the body (and what to do about it), and how to transition from the inner critic to meeting your inner carer instead. There are a few bonus modules thrown in as well.
Below are the following training options and details below:
The cost of this program is $497, but there is an early bird special of only $397 if you book by 31 July 2022 for the in-person training in Melbourne. Details enclosed in links above.
If you have any questions, please email me now and let me know. We can also have a no obligation chat as well. If youve been impacted by work mandates or financial constraints, I can sort out a two part payment plan for you as well before we begin.
This is not just a training that you complete and forget about after a few months. The intention in this space is to learn the tools of peaceful living and incorporate this in your every day, where peace joy and ease becomes your natural state of being.
Life doesn’t have to be hard. In a world where nefarious energies are attempting to distract you from your purpose and keep you locked down in the energetic realms of fear and anxiety, it’s time to rise up and live a life of purpose. To connect deeper with your intuitive knowing, to deepen your spiritual and devotional practices to self. To hold space for our selves, so we can in turn hold space for others.