Anna Grillo

Are you ready to reconnect with your true self?

Hey there gorgeous, I’m Anna Grillo.

I see you. I hear you. I hold space for you.

Want to feel more connected to your intuition, clear out the overwhelm, and inspire others by being the change rather than just talking about it?

Anna Grillo
decode stress and live your best

Stressed? Overwhelmed? 

Want to feel more capable and respond to the uncertainty of life with ease and grace?

My gift to you is a FREE 5 day masterclass helping you to decode stress, cultivate mindful awareness, attain heart coherence, how to live in alignment and speak your truth.



Recently, I was feeling extremely stressed, unmotivated and anxious at work. After each session with Anna, I left feeling at ease and well equipped to deal with my stresses at work. I cannot recommend Anna highly enough, both as a kinesiology practitioner and a career mentor. Anna is a true professional who knows her stuff!


I was grieving, floating through life & totally dis-connected to what I call “Source”. Although I’m a very open minded & spiritual person, I just wasn’t drawn to all these other avenues of help. I had become de-sensitised to it all, that is, until Anna. She has this energy about her that is just ‘Real & Pure’. All my passing thoughts, emotions, lost & forgotten joys & dreams that had been suppressed due to stress, motherhood, and dysfunctional relationships, surfaced in Anna’s presence. If I had to describe what she does, I’d say it’s a reconnection to your Soul. I remember driving home & crying at the liberation I felt – a warm light coming out of my many cracks and I just felt this peace and certainty knowing that all would be okay. It was an un-shakable faith in me that had come back. I will be forever thankful to Anna for re-awakening my soul and I look forward to her future guidance I can’t wait until my children see her as well. I highly recommend her to everyone …


I first went to see Anna when I noticed I was feeling down, flat and not myself. Through our sessions I felt physically and emotionally better, plus more balanced. In addition I started to realise that I wasn’t living the life I wanted – I wasn’t being true to myself. Anna helped me to work through the obstacles that had been in the way for many years; I am now on the path to making my dream a reality! Anna is a professional practitioner who makes me feel extremely comfortable in her presence. I have full confidence in her ability to guide me in trusting my own intuition to take the right direction, and I highly recommend her services.