Peaceful mama

Calling all the courageous, heart centred mama’s ready to deepen their intuition, increase connection with loved ones, and raise the energetic frequency in the family home.

Mama, it’s time to reclaim your power and energy. It’s okay to want to centre yourself and family first, and allow everything else to flow from there.

Our first point is a reclamation of the divine feminine. To reclaim our roles of keeper of hearth and home. To tend to the fires burning – physical, emotional, energetic.

To surrender the release of the ego to the external and look and listen within.

Energy – your vibe attracts like, your frequency is the antenna to which you are attuned. What station are you plugged into? Mainstream 101 – or are you attuned the the frequency of your soul?

Is it coming through strongly, loud and clear, or soft, fuzzy and patchy? Tune into the frequency of your heart and allow that energy to fill you up and amplify out into the world. 

Your cells vibrating to a new attunement, transforming and transmuting what is no longer needed into a new way of being, creating the ripple effect from you and your family into the wider community – true leadership.

Your vibe sets the tone and dear sister, it is up to you to tune in. 

Make changes in your life by utilising the powerful techniques of Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT or Tapping), self reflection, and subconscious reprogramming practices.

Get access to tapping scripts specifically catered to shift feelings of overwhelm, deepen your connection to your Higher Self, and change the energetic frequency of your heart, and the home.

Who is this for?
For self aware, radical mother’s who dream of escaping the system and living life on their own terms – may or may not include home educating, home steading, self sustainable, and self employed. Your dreams, your choice!

It’s for any mother who has a desire to step away from their head and external influence of media and society, and instead wants to connect deeper into their own heart’s wisdom, using this as their compass to parent, and show up in the world.

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