Intuitive Guided Reading + Custom Flower Essence Blend


This service is for you if you are after some intuitive guidance around a specific issue, plus a custom flower essence blend to assist with resolving the energetic imbalances.

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A 25ml flower essence blend made just for you along with a more detailed intuitively guided information regarding the energetic aspects regarding your presenting issue. You will receive in an email a more detailed account of energetic patterns involved in your issue as I utilise a holistic approach to provide further information around what issues you are currently experiencing.
If you would like to see some examples of the type of information that may be included in the Intuitive Guidance report, click here.
Flower remedies work on the energetic plane and are subtle yet potent energy medicine. They work well for adults, children, and animals. I will choose appropriate remedies from either the Bach Flower Remedy, Australian Bush Flower Essence, or White Essence ranges.
Once you purchase, you will receive an email confirming your order that will also include a list of questions for you to respond to. From there your custom blend will be made to assist you in clearing any subconscious or energetic blocks. The chosen essences will be dependent on your specific needs. Once selected, you will receive an email with further details regarding the chosen remedies that are contained in the blend, intuitive guided messages, and dosage instructions.
As these are a made to order product, please expect up to 5 business days from when I receive your responses for your custom blend to be created for you.
Please note that a small amount of alcohol (Brandy) is used as a preservative. They can be made without though have a much shorter shelf life (a few weeks only). Please advise upon completing the questionnaire whether you want it prepared without as they will be automatically prepared the standard way.
For more information regarding flower essences, please read this blog post.
Flower Essences work on the energetic plane and will contain a small amount of alcohol (Brandy) to be used as a preservative. This service does not in any way replace or substitute any medical advice you have received. Please continue to work alongside your qualified medical or health practitioner as required, particularly if you have a known medical or health condition. This particular service is based on energetic and intuitive impressions and messages, therefore I cannot guarantee the accuracy or relevant of information given. This work is based on a spiritual, metaphysical and transpersonal perspective to assist people in their self-healing and self-empowerment. Information provided to you as a client is confidential. You ensure that you act on your own personal authority and your choice to act on any of the information given is your own free choice. This service offers education, physical modalities, health and spiritual guidance to allow people the opportunity to experience and access their optimal selves. Flower essences support the energetic imbalances and are not intended to work on any physically or medical identifiable condition. By purchasing this product you agree to these terms & conditions.


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