Raise the Free-Quency – February 2024

Oof this was a good one! Please find attached links to the recording – both video and audio – to take you through this process. Find some time and space to listen when you won’t be disturbed.

Video Replay

Audio Replay

(please do not listen whilst driving the car)

I’d love to hear your feedback on how you went with the process and how you felt afterwards, or any questions – please send an email to anna@trueself.com.

If you’d like to delve deeper with the blocks that hold you back in life and would like me to support you through that process, I offer Transformation Coaching online. You can find out more here, or hit reply to the email I sent and we can figure out what works best!

A loving reminder, we get to choose how to respond and show up, every minute of every day. And this is a no-fail gig – when we recognise our sabotages, we just jump right back into the process and start again.

Remember, choose love!

Anna x