I help people to reconnect with their true selves and lovingly hold space for them while they do so.  I work with a range of people, in particular those who are:

  • in a state of transition – either in their career, impending motherhood, family dynamics, relationship breakup or working through grief and loss
  • ready to change and be responsible for their actions moving forward
  • looking to get more in touch with their intuition and inner knowledge
  • wanting to create a parent-child relationship built on connection, trust and respect
  • ready to gain a deeper understanding and control of their health conditions
  • taking a preventative approach to wellness for themselves and their family
  • wanting to step up and become inspired leaders who walk the talk (not just in the business realm, totally relevant to motherhood as well!)
  • athletes competing in their chosen field and wanting to develop their mindset for a competitive edge
  • ready to truly integrate and understand who they are in mind, body and spirit
  • interested in starting or progressing their own business – side hustle included!

Each session is unique with a variety of techniques used, such as coaching and mentoring, spiritual companioning, personality psychology analysis, and Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT/Tapping) strategies to remove blocks and self empower you to create the change you are after. As always, please feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about your personal circumstances.

Well-Being Mentorship – 1:1 Consults

In our session together, we get to really uncover who you are under all the labels, expectations, and demands of your life.

I specialise in helping you to reconnect with your innate instincts and intuition, through the clearing of subconscious belief systems, stress patterns, and brain performance and integration techniques, looking overall at body structure, biochemistry, emotional or any energetic patterns that may be causing an imbalance in an area of your life.

We will delve deep into your stress imprint, emotional intelligence and resilience matrix, personality psychology tendencies, brain performance, and break down clear any subconscious patterns that express themselves negatively in your life.

Truly ready to engage and connect within, after our session you will gain a sense of calmness and be set on the right path that will get you living the life you know you are capable of. Each session is unique, and may use a mix of Kinesiology, EFT, or well-being coaching, dependent on your unique situation.

Well-being Mentorship sessions are available via on-line using the free platform Zoom (I will send you the scheduling link and you will need to download the free app to access at our set time). In person sessions are available in Venus Bay (VIC, 3956). Travel fees are applicable if you’d like me to come to you.

Initial session (up to 1.5 hours) at $150.
The cost of this session is inclusive of any flower essence or essential oil roll-on (10ml) support to assist if required.

60 minute continuation sessions are available at $127.




The Leadership of YOU


An on-line course exclusive to the We-Being platform.

Like success, leadership is one of those terms that has many and sometimes variable definitions.  It is through knowing yourself deeply and identifying what is and is not important to you, that you will be able to create your own definition of leadership. Once defined, you will be able to make choices and decisions in and for your life that enhance your life and well-being. Through a series of gentle techniques and strategies, you will learn how to implement these qualities to your daily life thus enhancing your life and well-being. 

Speaking & Workshops

I am able to speak at events and facilitate workshops on a wide range of well-being topics:

  • Why am I so stressed? And what to do about it
  • Better Relationships – Understanding Personality Types
  • Introduction to Natural Remedies such as flower essences or essential oils (including make and take)
  • Effective Communication Strategies for Managers/Coaches
  • Mastering Mindfulness
  • Nourishing Me
  • The Leadership of You
  • or I can create a custom presentation or workshop based on your individual needs

These are available for community gatherings or workplace initiatives such as corporate well-being programs – my background in Human Resources will ensure appropriate action and outcomes for training purposes.

I hold a wide range of qualifications including Business, Psychology, Kinesiology, and Emotional Freedom Technique – please see here for the full details about me.

Please get in touch for more information.


I am also able to design well-being courses and programs to be implemented and delivered by your learning and development team. Please contact me for further information.



Wellness Education

It’s no secret that I love essential oils and use them every day for a variety of reasons – physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. One of the first courses I did was the Twenty8 Health & Lifestyle Educator program with the wonderful aromatherapist and self-love mentor, Kim Morrison.

If you’re interested in a beautiful, organic, ethically sourced range of essential oils and chemical free skin care, I highly recommend the Twenty8 range Kim has produced. If you’d like to know more, get in touch for a quick chat x